Township Nine At The River District

About Township Nine

Positioned along the American River, Township Nine is a 65-acre mixed-use urban development, blending a distinct variety of housing, office space and retail. Township Nine will sit on the first extension of Regional Transit’s light rail extension and is generally bounded by North 5th Street to the west, Richards Boulevard to the south, North 7th Street to the east and the American River Parkway to the north. With its impressive size and appealing location, it promises to be a central catalyst in the redevelopment of the exciting, new River District.

Township Nine has signed an agreement with the State of California for 19.1 million dollars, which is the first round of funding for the development. This initial round of funding from the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development is through Prop 1C, and is part of 30 million dollars in funding that will eventually go to the project.

“This capital will allow us to begin on the infrastructure of the development and the first phase of building,” said Ron Mellon, partner in Township Nine. “This initial phase will include development of the area around the light rail station.”

Township Nine is a 65-acre multi-use project that will be home to nearly 2,500 housing units, 800,000 square feet of office space and 100,000 square feet of urban retail. In total, the cost will be around 2 billion dollars and will take approximately 10 years to complete.

Township Nine is part of a larger redevelopment of Sacramento’s River District where an old rail yard with industrial plants is being revived. Over the past 14 years, the Sacramento Redevelopment Agency and the City of Sacramento have invested over 100 million dollars in federal and local public dollars to transition the River District from an industrial area to a diverse, urban, mixed-use district. The region includes the new headquarters for the California Highway Patrol, California Lottery and a new science museum within a historic powerhouse.