Township Nine At The River District


At Township Nine your car may get lonely—but you won’t. You’re just a half mile from downtown and with the River, local attractions and parks right in your backyard not only will you save on gas—you’ll be looking very fit as well. Walking and biking will be a way of life which Mother Nature likes very much. Township Nine will be a leading example of environment friendly planning and building practices. Our goal is to conserve trees, water, clean air, petroleum and other vital resources. As a sustainable green living community, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, Township Nine is committed to offering the best practices to minimize our carbon footprint.

Township Nine has developed strict guidelines in support of sustainability, from taking into account the path of the sun for solar optimization to re-using rainwater. Consideration has even been made to the flow of natural breezes and utilizing thermal mass in the building interior for a cooling effect in the summer.

Re-using and recycling building materials will also play an important role in reducing demand on virgin materials. Township Nine is committed to repurposing brick columns, wood trusses and galvanized metal roofing from the original structures of the cannery and incorporating them into the new buildings.