Township Nine At The River District

Density & Height Standards

Purpose & Intent: Provide an urban standard for development that supports Transit Oriented Design objectives established by the Sacramento Blueprint. Create a pedestrian oriented urban environment for mixed-use development.

Guidelines for residential density are provided here with the intent of allowing development flexibility while retaining the overall character of each development area as it is presented in the conceptual plan. Residential density ranges are approximately those found in the concept plan. Building heights shall be limited to the lower limit either by stores or height in feet. Building heights take into account that the ground floor of a mixed-use building may be higher than a standard residential floor.

The guidelines rely on the definition and measurement method height in the City Zoning Ordinance. Exceptions to building heights that are allowed elsewhere by Ordinance would be allowed here. Buildings with sloping roofs and/or limited architectural features of building may exceed height limits as approved during Design Review.

Allowable Density and Height by Development Area

Category Transit Central Mixed-Use Townhouse / Live-Work Riverfront
Max Density 140 du/ac 100 du/ac 80 du/ac 150 du/ac
Max Height 12 stories 165' (1) 5 stories 65' 4 stories 55' 12 stories 165' (2)


1) Building height may be increased to 15 stories or 235' for parcel 13 (at the corner of North 7th Street and Richards Boulevard).

2) Buildings higher than 4 stories in the Riverfront Area shall be subject to additional setback criteria per section 3.5 and 3.6 of this document.

General Note

Building Towers (above 8 stories) are not required to meet the Sacramento Urban Design Plan requirement to provide a 50' height differential to adjacent buildings.