Township Nine At The River District


The Riverfront Area encompasses the parcels adjacent to the American River. This is the most unique district because of the visual and physical access to the River. The grade within this district will be elevated to meet the top of the existing levee, thereby eliminating the barrier normally created by a levee. This will benefit users of the Two Rivers Trail by providing access and improved safety while also creating much needed open space and recreational opportunities for residents of Township Nine and the citizens of Sacramento. Riverfront Drive (as prescribed by the Richards Boulevard Specific Plan) is incorporated into this district as a meandering roadway with open space along the north edge, a tree-lined pedestrian walkway and active ground floor buildings to the south.

Buildings in the Riverfront District are primarily high density multi-family residential with ground floor retail. Buildings along Riverfront Drive are limited to 4 stories with front facades and major entrances oriented towards the river to accentuate the prominence of this unique adjacency. Buildings shall be oriented to minimize the visual impact from the river view while also allowing views of the river and parkway from individual buildings.