Township Nine At The River District


In Sacramento, the Bercut bothers owned the American River Ranch land and leased it to the California Cooperative Producers Company, a tomato cannery built on the north end of the property in 1928. The property at this time included an area of 169 acres that was bordered approximately by North B, 7th and 5th Streets, and the American River. Thomas H. Richards Sr. bought out the cannery business in 1931 and together with the Bercuts, who owned the land, formed the Bercut-Richards Packing Company. The partners built the largest independently-owned cannery in California at Bercut-Richards and expanded it from a $1.5 million operation which packed three hundred thousand cans in its first year, into an $18 million company which packed five and a half million cans in 1968. Richards began to can or pack the fruits and vegetables he grew at the Bercut-Richards Packing Company established in 1931. The cannery packed a variety of fruits, vegetables and juices under the Sacramento Brand label and were shipped to markets across the United States. The primary crops the cannery packed were tomatoes, pears, asparagus and peaches.

In an effort to preserve the rich history of this unique location Township Nine is committed to reusing brick columns, wood trusses and galvanized metal roofing from the original structures. In addition, signage throughout the community will highlight the history of the area along with stand alone art pieces and the relocation of the Scale House which is to remain intact and hold tribute to this amazing story.

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